Upgrade notice: Introducing ThreatLocker for Enhanced Security!

Dec 28, 2023

We are implementing new security software, ThreatLocker to protect our customers’ data. This software will provide businesses the peace of mind that their computers and data are safe from malware and ransomware attacks. This solution will replace Webroot, the current antivirus software we have implemented. We have participated in a trial of ThreatLocker both internally and on selected client’s sites over the last few months, and it has passed all our checks and test scenarios. There has been an increase in cyber-attacks in the past year. Threats are getting more elaborate and increasingly exploiting third-party software. Previously, attacks could be mitigated by having a robust backup strategy. Today, new strains of ransomware usually involve the hijacking of data and the threat to release this data online if the ransom is not paid promptly.     

ThreatLocker benefits: 

  • ThreatLocker Application Control blocks everything from running on your systems that has not been explicitly approved – whether it be a program, an installer, malware, or ransomware. 
  • ThreatLocker proprietary Ringfencing™ technology protects your data from exploited files and applications by fencing off the applications that run your system at the most granular level, essentially eliminating attack vectors from a cybercriminals path. 
  • Adds additional HIPAA and NIST compliance. 
  • While you should trust your employees, it is important to protect your environment from internal and external threats. ThreatLocker’s Storage Control solution allows you to stop users from uploading/exporting files to the internet and external storage, like USB drives. 
  • Their 24-hour US-based security operations center continuously monitors applications and operating system updates. This means there is no need to worry about adding a new file to the whitelist every time an update is released. 
  •   We plan to implement ThreatLocker on all workstations and servers that are currently under our Webroot management. You may have already received an email from us regarding the switch.   It is our responsibility to provide our customers with the best possible solution to keep the integrity of your data and network safe. We are confident that ThreatLocker is true, next-level security software.