Web Services

Web Design and Development

What used to be a novelty is now a necessity. Regardless of the size of your business, it you don’t have a website you’re already playing catch up with your competitors. But it goes far beyond “www.yourbusiness.com”. Your website has to be part of your overall branding and identity, be user friendly in its navigation, and it MUST provide the information they are looking for. Oh yeah, it should look good, too.

We have partnered with Alight Media, fusing our expertise with theirs to offer our clients the combination of design prowess and tech expertise. We offer a variety of packages for web development, including E-commerce, simple landing pages, typical “html” web pages, and sites managed with content management systems (CMS). Added to our development expertise is our ability to design a website that is sure to keep your visitors engaged. With the use of appropriate color palettes, graphics and targeted messages, we’re sure to design your company website in such a way that separates you from your competition.