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Why should I back up my files?

Good question. We have the answer.

Computers can be lost, stolen, destroyed in a fire, or other misfortunes such as a simple dropped cup of coffee or lightning strike. A cyber attack could crash a computer’s operating system or data may be corrupted or wiped out by a hardware problem. There are also a growing number of computer viruses that are becoming a serious risk. Once they infect the computer, they often delete or corrupt data with very little chance of retrieving it.

Data is the most important piece of your computer. The operating system and applications can be re-installed but it may be difficult or impossible to restore the original data. Saving data to only one place like “My Documents” on a computer’s hard drive is asking for trouble. It is vital that data is always kept in at least two locations and always backed up. Having a data restoration plan can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

How do I create a backup plan?

Good question. We have the plan.

DataGuard Solutions. From as low as $25 per month, we will back up your data on and off-site. We install a backup appliance that, from the computer(s) you specify, downloads, encrypts and then transfers the data to the on and off-site locations.

How do I get started?

Good question. Here is how.

Give us a call at 800-430-2629 or email us┬áif you have any questions or want to find out more about a backup plan that will be right for your business. By having your information adequately stored, rest easy knowing you’re ready for the unexpected.


Our DataGuard Solutions include a daily backup and monitoring of your company’s files, file changes/additions and a 1TB on-site backup.

10GB @ $2.50/GB – $25.00 per month
15GB @ $2.00/GB – $30.00 per month
20GB @ $1.75/GB – $35.00 per month
25GB @ $1.50/GB – $37.50 per month
50GB @ $1.00/GB – $50.00 per month

More options available!